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The Hill District - 4 oz

The Hill District - 4 oz

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The Hill District in Pittsburgh is a historic African American community and was a center for jazz. One of the closest residential neighborhoods to “Dahntahn”, it was the center of the African American community until WW1. In the 1950s, a vast swath of the neighborhood was seized for redevelopment, with relocation of over 8000 residents, which led to a drastic economic decline as the neighborhood was severed from the rest of the city.

The Hill District is the setting for 9 out of 10 plays in the playwright August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle and was the setting for the TV show Hill Street Blues.

This blend is inspired by a mural in the Hill District commemorating the playwright August Wilson, pictured here.

Spin from the fold for the least amount of color mixing or spin across the top for a bright tweedy yarn.

The Hill District is a blend of 75% Merino wool and 25% Mulberry Silk.  This listing is for 4 ounces of blended combed top.

Designed by Hipstrings, custom processed in the UK according to our specifications.

Care:  This fiber will felt.  Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.


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