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Sanibel Island Merino Tussah Flax Signature Blend - 4 oz

Sanibel Island Merino Tussah Flax Signature Blend - 4 oz

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My favorite beach I ever went to while growing up in Florida was Sanibel Island.  The sand was littered with seashells and the rest of my family would collect sand dollars (I was too short to go out into the water with them and search for them with my feet).  This blended top was designed by HipStrings and custom made for our shop by a UK mill. It features 75% dyed 23 micron merino combed top, 12.5% Tussah Silk and 12.5% Natural Flax.

Although many spinners may be intimidated by spinning flax, fearing it will be difficult to draft and "crunchy" in the final yarn, the small amount of flax in many of our custom blends actually makes it easier to draft, and adds strength and drape to the resulting yarn. This fiber blend is very versatile - suitable for accessories as well as hardwearing woven textiles or comfy outerwear.

Picture is representative of the fiber and all efforts have been made to reproduce the colors accurately - color may vary according to your monitor.

This listing is for four ounces of custom blended combed top.

Care: Handwash in tepid water using a wool wash and lay flat to dry.  This fiber will felt!

Ships in 1-3 business days.  Free domestic shipping for all orders of $35 or more.

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