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Hand Dyed Superwash Targhee Wool Combed Top "Daydreaming" - 4 oz

Hand Dyed Superwash Targhee Wool Combed Top "Daydreaming" - 4 oz

$ 18.00

Superwash wools have a bad reputation of being difficult to spin, too drapey, unpleasant, etc.  This Superwash Targhee Wool Combed Top is nothing like that - Targhee is a super bouncy wool, and this superwash version retains lots of bounce and is a pleasure to spin and use in finished objects.  Our Superwash Targhee Combed Top is 100% Made in the USA, the sheep are from the US, the fleeces processed in the USA and the superwash process done in the USA.  

Perfect for handspun gifts, baby items, and more!  Targhee is soft and durable - one of my favorite wools!

Daydreaming is a handpainted colorway featuring charteuse, soft blues, amethyst, and black.

Our hand dyed fiber is dyed using Greener Shades acid dyes.  Greener Shades dyes are heavy metal free* and rated for organic processing.  They are lightfast, colorfast and washfast.  For best results, machine wash gentle in cold water, tumble dry low.

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