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Blended Kit - BFL/Shetland - 10 oz

Blended Kit - BFL/Shetland - 10 oz

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Featured in the Ply Winter 2020 Prep Issue.

Examine how color is affected by how blended a combed top is.  In this box there are 2 ounces of each level of blending - it’s the same colors every time, just increasing the numbers of times that the combed top has gone through the blending process.

Blue Faced Leicester

Blue Faced Leicester wool is the finest of the long wools and as a result is dense with a good lustre. It exhibits the S crimp of a long wool and generally has a lower grist (yards per pound) than fine wools with a “french fry” crimp.  It is well suited to combing. The Blue Faced Leicester fleece is highly prized for its likeness to mohair and for its production of attractive lustrous yarns with good resilience. 26 Micron and an average length of 3.5 inches.


Shetland sheep are a landrace - and can refer to a great diversity of sheep that are found on the Shetland Isles.  Shetland sheep exhibit a wide range of natural colors.  The wool is fine, soft and silky to the touch with a lofty characteristic. 29-31mic average length of 3.5 inches.

Fiber Prep Details

Both blends are commercially prepped blended combed top and feature four dyed Shetland colors; as well as Ecru BFL, Oatmeal BFL, brown BFL and dyed BFL.  Each blend is 50% Shetland wool and 50% BFL wool

Create your own fractal yarn by spinning a very blended combed top with one that isn’t well blended.  Create a gradient of blending by spinning each level of blending in progression (Split your fiber in two before spinning for a 2 ply gradient yarn).  Spin from the fold for the greatest amount of color separation.

Kit contains a total of 10 ounces of a 50% BFL, 50% Shetland custom milled combed top.

Care: Handwash cold, lay flat to dry.

All efforts are made to accurately portray the color of the yarn, but colors may vary depending on display. 

Fiber sourced and milled in the UK.

Ships in 1-3 business days.  Free domestic shipping for all orders of $35 or more.

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