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base12 SpinAlong

base12 SpinAlong

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Join us in an end of the year spinalong by exploring a different way of counting.

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Our base12 SAL Fiber package will consist of four HipStrings Signature Blends, four hand dyed merino silk shades and four hand carded Bitty Batts for a total of 12 days of spinning fun.  You'll receive a half ounce of each fiber, for a total of six ounces of fiber and the blends and colors are carefully curated to create a cohesive yarn or set of yarns for a future project.  You'll also receive some special notions and treats to help you along in the spinalong.  

If you have any fiber related allergies, please note them in a order comment and I will make appropriate substitutions.

This item will ship by November 25th.

The official base12 spinalong will run from December 12th to December 24th.  

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