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Coal Finn Shetland Black Welsh Tussah Signature Blend

Coal Finn Shetland Black Welsh Tussah Signature Blend

$ 12.00

Directly across the Monongahela river from downtown Pittsburgh rises Mount Washington, or as it was originally known, Coal Hill. There are reports of a coal mine in this hillside as early as 1760. 

The Pittsburgh Coal seam, the remnants of carboniferous forests from 330 - 265 million years ago is why Pittsburgh was such a powerhouse for industry and manufacturing, most notably the steel industry. The coal from this deposit is well suited for the production of coke - which fuels the high blast furnaces used to make steel.

The largest domestic coke works still operates outside the city in Clairton. The empty coal cars pictured are going back to the coal mines after dropping their loads at the Clairton Coke Works. Long stretches of coal cars, brimming with fossilized forest, are still a common sight winding through Pittsburgh.

This blend will feature three natural black wools (Finnish, Shetland and Black Welsh) with the sleekness of black Tussah silk.

Coal is a blend of 25% Finnish wool, 25% Shetland wool, 25% Black Welsh and 25% Tussah Silk.  This listing is for 4 ounces of blended combed top.

Designed by Hipstrings, custom processed in the UK according to our specifications.

Care:  This fiber will felt.  Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.


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