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In the Studio — SAL

Nentes Plantarum SAL HipStrings Colorways Available!

handdyed SAL spinning The Homestead Hobbyist

Okay, we've teased you a little, and now it's time to share the colorways I developed for this SpinAlong. Each listing has photos of the same example braid photographed against a neutral gray and a white background.  I have a supply of the base fiber in stock and fiber will be dyed to order.  I will try my best to keep an estimated shipping window in each product listing.  If per chance I run out of the base, I will order more and fulfill orders as soon as possible - it takes about 3-4 weeks for us to get...

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Nentes Plantarum Spinalong

SAL The Homestead Hobbyist

Nentes Plantarum Spinalong (Spinning Plants Spinalong) You may have noticed, HipStrings and The Homestead Hobbyist like each other. Like, BFF like each other. We’ve supported each other over the years both professionally and personally, bounced ideas off one another, shared our thoughts on fiber and equipment suppliers, and bought so much of the other’s fiber that it’s a bit ridiculous. And now, we’re taking our friendship to the next level: We’re collaborating together for a spinalong this fall! We worked together to design a custom blend of fiber: Polwarth/Natural Tussah Silk/Flax 62.5/25/12.5. The natural, unbleached tussah and flax gives the...

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