Nothing ever stays the same

Nothing ever stays the same

I started dyeing because I have dye allergies - and my most severe reaction is to a color I love the most - cyan aka turquoise.  It means that I have a hard time buying the work of other talented dyers, and have to ask whether colorways include particular dyes and I stay away from any blended dyes.  I was able to dye for myself using the Greener Shades dyes - their Coral Reef Aqua provided that intense aqua and only contained trace amounts of cobalt.  It worked, even though it was a tricky dye to use (high set point and liable to bleed).  But alas, not everything lasts and they recently reformulated their Coral Reef Aqua to better meet GOTS processing standards, remove that trace amount of cobalt, and make it an easier dye to work with - but that intense aqua is no more.  

I have a very limited amount of dye powder in the old version left.  This means that I will be discontinuing a good number of colorways and reformulating them with the new version of Coral Reef Aqua.  They will likely have new names.  So if you had your eye on any of these, either buy available stock or contact me ASAP for a custom dye request - I'll take custom dye requests until I'm out of the old dye powder.

Colorways that will be affected are (but not limited to):

Cherenkov Radiation, Underwater Basketweaving, 9 going on 19, Thalassophile, By the Sea, Into the Void, Spruce, Mist, Interpretation of Dreams, What Dreams May Come

By the Sea

Underwater Basketweaving




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