It's a very blue Friday!

In the quest to create the perfect collection of colors, sometimes I have to admit that a blend isn't fulfilling the vision I originally had for it.  Nik also says I shouldn't add any more colors to the Buoy line-up.  So we're saying goodbye to Pine, Bay and Breeze in order to welcome Spruce, Depths and Sky.  


We're also introducing a new color in our Superfine Merino/Yak/Silk blend - Serene!


A new addition to our line of Merino/Tussah Silk/Flax blends is Scrub Jay - very similar to the now discontinued Blue Jay, but with that little bit of Flax added in.


Speaking of the Merino/Tussah/Flax line, the latest shipment of Loch is a bit more blended for a smoother spinning experience.


Oh, and there's Squee!  because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that loves cool colors with a pop of rainbow sparkle.


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