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How to support independent makers

A lot of times, people want to support independent makers but they feel aren't able to support through a purchase.  So what can you do to support independent makers?

First and foremost, follow them on social media.  An engaged audience on social media can save a business hundreds of dollars a month in marketing and advertising costs.  Like posts and comment when you feel appropriate.  Remember the golden rule and stay positive whenever possible.

Tell your friends.  You might not be in the position to make a purchase but maybe one of your friends are.  

Buy local or support independent makers when making gift purchases for others.

When you are in the position to make a purchase, purchase directly from a maker's website (if they have one).  Etsy fees are approximately 10% of the purchase price, whereas fees on other e-commerce platforms are significantly lower.  

Thank you for your support of independent makers!


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